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I am an American but want to teach in the UK.
I wanted to ask three different questions:
1) Has anybody been able to worked as TA while working on their QTS to become a teacher ? What type of school did you apply to?
2) Should I go to work in London at a school on my QTS for a year? I would not be able to work and I do not qualify for paid apprenticeship which worries me because I would at least like to earn an income to pay for rent whenI get there.
3)Should I stay in my country complete a iQTS program and then apply for schools? My issue is 1) wanted to go to back to England and there is not American supported schools that have iQTS and also the price seems the same for schools (that I am looking at) in England and in US seem the same?
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1) yes, this is possible, but you often need to do it in an independent school rather than a state school.
2) why London? Seems a random question that’s unrelated to the rest of your query, and if nothing else, you need to square the dream of London with the reality of it.
3) IQTS is possible but you need to decide what you want and what is easier. Nobody else can do that for you.

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