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What is the chance of me getting into Unis?

Predicted: A*, A*, A (Business, German, Geography)

London Oratory School

9s- German
8s- English Language
7s- Maths, Geography
6s- R.E, Biology, English Literature, Music
5s- Physics, Chemistry

Philosophy Debating, Economics Club, Vocal Harmony, CCF, Librarian

Would like to do a Management Course (Undergrad), in the business industry.

Some Universities, I would like to go to: ESCP, St Andrews, Kings College, Warwick, Edinburgh, Bath.

I have created my own business startup, 6 figures being funded by a well-known entrepreneur (featured on BBC london & seen by 800,000 people, professional singer (Grade 8)- Royal Albert Hall, Collesium, Jerymn Street Theatre, multiple documentaries (Sky Arts, BBC etc), 2 work experinces (marketing related).

Also created an instagram gym page with over 600,000 views.
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Warwick is the strongest followed by Bath and lastly King's :wink:
There is a good chance! Have you done any volunteering? Universities look for people actively involved in the community. To be honest, your ethnicity/ where you live/ parents income and job really affects if you get in. All the best luck though x
Is it possible for me to get into any Russel Group Unis with these grades?

9s in Half Course RE (Its a half gcse)
8s in Biology, Geography, DT
7s in Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English Language
6s in German, English Literature

A* in Geography A* in Biology A* in Business Study A in Ecology (AS Level)

I am trying to study geography at Uni, could I get some insight?
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