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Can anyone give me tips about scholarships and how to apply for them? I am a care leaver and I was hoping to find some charities but I haven't managed to get lucky yet!
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Are you looking for PhDs or Masters?

For PhDs there are various AHRC/ESRC DTPs in the humanities/arts and social sciences, and then there will be various internal university scholarships advertised as well, particularly around the autumn and winter (FindAPhD and are good websites to check periodically to see if any relevant ones are being advertised - you can filter by subject etc). With those it's best to talk to potential supervisors or graduate contacts for advice on the applications themselves, as expectations and guidelines vary a bit by institution/studentship/project.

For Masters scholarships it's usually best to check on individual university websites under their 'funding' pages, since some universities will have internal ones but others might not or might only have discounts for alumni.

You can take out government loans for both PhDs and Masters as well, although depending on where you're studying/living they probably wouldn't carry you through all of your studies without getting some additional funding.
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