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TSR Study Together - STEM vs Humanities - Ninth Session

:woo: TSR Study Together - STEM vs Humanities :woo:

Session Nine - 16th April 2024
Welcome to the fourth session of TSR Study Together STEM vs Humanities! This is a social and supportive place to study alongside other students and keep yourself motivated :yep: You can find more info on how it works here and it’s open to everyone! :dance:

I also just wanted to say that I've made a central thread for finding revision-related threads on TSR - there's lots of variety in there so go ahead and get stuck in! :smile:

I hope you've all had a restful break and that you're feeling motivated and ready to get back to it! As usual, share what you’re aiming to achieve for this evening’s study session and support each other like you always do! :biggrin: Good luck all! :badger:

Study Together - STEM vs Humanities!

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I'm doing some catch up on lectures
I'm hoping to make a revision plan for the next week or so and do some revision (yet to be decided what though)
I'm going to be doing some food chemistry revision today :danceboy:
I worked out I can have episodes of Bluey on in the background and I don't think its too distracting :biggrin:
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Reviewing Biology Past papers!!!
What is it you study, @Raptor Jesus?

Good to see you're getting organised @flowersinmyhair :smile:

@Chronoscope does that mean your dissertation is done and dusted??
I'll be doing some planning and preparation for a final project on text analysis and hopefully also starting a literature essay. :afraid:
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Hi everyone, long time no see! I'm planning on doing English quotations and then getting my biology paper 3 finished!
I finally remembered to come to one of these- I'm going to revise for a Psychology test and rewrite an essay for English Language ☺️
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What is it you study, @Raptor Jesus?
Good to see you're getting organised @flowersinmyhair :smile:
@Chronoscope does that mean your dissertation is done and dusted??

I do Biochemistry, it's actually very cool and interesting but not always easy :yikes:
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Im just on a meeting but when it finished im going to read
I'm studying biology today! I'll be reviewing all paper 1 topics :smile:
I'll be revising for politics paper 3, as I have an assessment on friday !
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In a meeting at the moment but will be doing some biology notes and FM stats revision after.
Original post by Pwca
What is it you study, @Raptor Jesus?
Good to see you're getting organised @flowersinmyhair :smile:
@Chronoscope does that mean your dissertation is done and dusted??

@Pwca yes! :woo: I submitted it it must've been a couple of weeks ago now :yikes: still trying not to think about it :lol:

1 exam, 1 piece of course, and a viva voce thingy left :biggrin:
Plans for today

alaska case study notes

finish reading much ado about nothing

Sorry I'm late, I was busy chatting to my mum! I'm going to finish tidying my room now and then I'm going to get on with my 10 minute revision sessions for the day, updating my issues and debates flashcards and reviewing 50 issues and debates flashcards (and if time, watching 2 YouTube videos on research methods and making notes :smile:)
Hi guys! I have just finished a Psychology AS Paper One, as I have my mock on it tomorrow! I am about to mark it and then take a break as I have done quite a lot of work today, I have done another Paper One Mock and also gone through the Attachment topic! When I get back, I will do some work on research methods, and then I think I will move on to some biology revision. I would like to watch a video on B2.3 just to refamiliarise myself with the topic as although I think I am pretty good with it so I have saved it as my last topic, I still need to go over it! I don't want to over work myself so I will set it at that and see how I do :biggrin:
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I'll get started on some geography revision in a moment :smile:
Tasks for today's session:
Chapter on Limestone
Past paper questions
Flash cards

I might do some maths work if I get everything done in time 👍
Lots of essays getting done today! @penguingirl18 what text are you doing for your literature essay? And what's the topic for your language one @Summer_Academiq?

@Raptor Jesus yeah that's definitely not my idea of easy! Are you in first year?

Good luck with your assessment @erin11!

@Chronoscope that's fantastic, well done!! I'm surprised you have to do an viva voce, that's harsh! :O

That sounds like a lot of work @raindropxox, make sure you take it easy!

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