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History coursework- given minimal support

I got my coursework back today and received 33/40, I was under the impression I would achieve a lot higher.
I handed in my first draft and got virtually no feedback on it along with no verbal feedback (he gave other students verbal feedback). I asked my teacher and he said it was good and said he couldn’t tell me what grade it was or where I was hitting any AOs in the mark scheme. I asked him to check my coursework again before the submission deadline and he told me he couldn’t because he was checking two other students that day. On the day of submission I went to him and he again told me it was good. I was horrified to see I had gotten a likely B grade after receiving virtually no support and being under the impression my work was good, other students received significantly more support than me. Is there anything I can do about this? I feel so hopeless and upset.
33/40 is a really good grade, we we given a rough grade based on 2019's grade boundaries and 33ish is A*/A boundary, we were also told that even if the coursework mark is dissapointing then you can make it up in the other two exams which are worth about 40% of your grade, i wouldn't stress about it because i know myself i haven't done as great on my coursework and so i just prioritise my revision onto the actual exams, dont give up!
im pretty sure 33 is an A, with 35 being an A* - this is just an estimate, bu i definitely dont believe a 33 is a B grade so i wouldnt worry too much
good luck for the exams!

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