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9988888777 - Good enough for Oxbridge?

Just speculating. Would want to take HSPS. 9's in History and Classics.

I understand admissions is holistic, but would these hold me back? I understand they're not overly impressive by Oxbridge standards.
No, while there are a lot of people getting in with all 9s, there also are a lot of people with way worse GCSE grades. I have heard Oxford considers 8 equal to 9 so most of your grades would be the highest.
Then there’s also the fact GCSEs get contextualized so if you studied at a low achieving school, the impact would be even smaller.
Nontheless your GCSEs shoudlnt hold you back as they’re not bad as such, and way more emphasis will be put on other aspects of your application.
It's fine. Note that HSPS is only offered by Cambridge.

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