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Prevalence of Biology A level in Pharmacy course

I am really strongly considering applying for pharmacy, but I don't take Biology A level and have heard there is a lot of biology. Instead I take Chemistry, Physics and Maths. I looked at the course for Manchester and there was a lot of content on human organs and bodily function, which I don't really know much about. Would I be able to get by without having done biology at A level? (I got an 8 at GCSE if that might help?)
One of my friends only had GCSE biology and she was fine on the course.
Just be prepared to read around the subject a bit, like maybe pick up a second-hand A level biology textbook or watch some YouTube lectures when you get to some biology part of the MPharm.
I took both my A level biology and my chemistry notes with me to university, and I think I might have looked at something once.
If it really worries you, perhaps email the admission tutors at your chosen universities.
Good luck.

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