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Switching course from civil to mechanical engineering?

Hi everyone.

I’m hopefully going to start uni in 5 months in a civil engineering course. However, I’m having second thoughts about my career choice as I’ve seen how civil engineers get lower pay on average than other engineers, and how it takes long to get into the experienced higher paying roles. I also feel that it is too narrowing of a choice. I know there are many civil disciplines, but structures is the only one that interests me, as my passion lies in mechanics (dynamics and statics). I still don’t fully know what I want to do as a career, so I wouldn’t want to limit my options

I know that as an individual I can exceed pay averages if I work hard and I’ve heard about the good job stability in civil engineering. But I feel like mechanical will give me more/better options down the line.

I’m thinking of emailing my unis to ask if I can switch courses, and advice for this? Or do I switch once I get there?

Appreciate any help thank you.
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