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bedtime habits

Every time before i go to bed, i have to check if certain things are in a specific place. Anyone else have this? If i don't do it, my brain keeps nagging me and i feel overwhelmed so i thought i would share. They aren't important things either:

I close my wardrobe but bc its broken, it can't close all the ways so i have to shut it enough to the point im satisfied.

I have to check if the plugs that are supposed to be on are on and there ones that shouldn't be, shouldn't. But if i click it with too much force with one finger, i have to do it with the other to feel even.

if my bag is sitting at a weird angle, i have to position to to a better one.

My desk is too messy and i always have the same stuff on it but if i don't like the way i left it, i rearrange the mess to a better one even though its still messy.

I have to memorize my phone battery, the time it is and the date before my head hits the pillow and then i won't touch my phone. If i do, i have to memories it again.

If wires are too close to me, i have to move them away.

I have had similar things in the context of anxiety/OCD
And I thought that I have a strange habit to look around my bedroom before I switch off the light and fall asleep.
Hiya, I’ve struggled with this for years and had many ups and downs. The more you give into the nagging the more you’ll have to do things and it’ll add up and trust me I know you can’t just not do it but start at the easiest thing and work your way up and it’ll get easier I promise.

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