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I am so stupid

I'm so dumb. I used to be okay in GCSEs but now with my first alevel exam in 28 days, i feel like I've learnt nothing. I do maths, comp sci, business. I try my best in class and use my frees wisely by doing revision in the library but i get to the middle of a past paper, and i can't do it without looking at the mark scheme. I don't even know what topics i struggle at this point because there doesn't seem to be a reoccurring topic coming up.

My uni grade is a BCC but i feel like i can't do it. I go to a grammer school so i just feel so pressured because i feel like everyone geta everything straight way or at least they know 10x more than me and it just makes me feel worse bc i can't keep up with everyone. I hate everything about school and i was ranting about my friend about how bad university was going to be if i can't do alevel and she looked at me and she said "i genuinely think that you would regret going to university" - which sort of broke me because i know that she knows how dumb i am. She said i won't enjoy it because of the course i took but i don't enjoy anything in life so i did the next best option and took the course that i thought would be beneficial.

I just feel so overwhelmed all the time and i feel like i don't have a chance to breathe because each question i do, my mind goes blank. It's mainly maths that makes me overwhelmed. It's overwhelming to the point where i can't do any other subject properly because i know i should be doing maths. I get like a D on topic tests, sometimes a C but i cannot do a past paper without looking at the mark scheme. Everyone says that they don't understand but they clearly do when they're getting a grade B and above. I know i shouldn't compare myself to others but i can't just help feel pathetic when everyone is in the same boat as me but i seem to be struggling.

I used to think that this summer was going to be fun as my exams would be finally over but i don't see how i'm going to have fun knowing my exam results will come and ruin my future. I'm so useless and i feel like i've wasted everyones time asking for help when its not actually helping me
you are not stupid we are all smart in different ways there are soo many different types of intelligence and if you really look at it because there are so many different types of intelligence its so hard to measure our intelligence, there are things you are so more intelligent and knowledgeable than other people at and things other people are more intelligent and knowledgeable at than you that's just life and because of this never call yourself stupid because we are all intelligent even if we don't realise (you might think what I'm saying is wrong but its not, you think there aren't special things you are good at? there are and you just don't realise or you haven't found the things that bring it out) it seems to me you aren't suffering from low intelligence you are suffering from stress that's effecting your ability to function in your education and you mess up one one thing you think you can't do others, your being too hard on yourself, talk to someone like a therapist to help you think more clearly
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I understand you bro. I have tried to kill myself 3 times because of school. I had this same thing in GCSE. I also fell like a massive failure because im doing badly even though I have had so much help and my parents have gotten me private tutors. I really hate school and I hate everyone there. It takes just under 2 hours for me to get to school everyday. I hate my entire life at the moment. I reccomend just try as hard as possible and what happens, happens. Life should sort itself out. I pray the best for you though
let me share my story, last year i had a big mental breakdown i never tried to kill myself but i came close several times there where many factors including my dad cheating on my mum, stress from school and other stuff but i kept getting thoughts saying I'm not good enough but i was and you are as well
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