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Do you have to reference in exams at uni?
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In university exams, referencing is typically not required, unlike assessed essays where you need to provide references and a bibliography.

In your exams you are expected to be concise. Additionally, you should be able to refer to key theorists or researchers by name and date of major works or reports. However, this doesn't mean you have to provide extensive evidence or examples, and you don't need to include references or cite sources.

Remember that exam questions focus on your understanding of the material, critical thinking and your method of applying concepts.

If you're still concerned, reach out to your tutors or lecturers for additional advice.

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Do you have to reference in exams at uni?

Hi there

Usually the referencing requirements during exams will not be as strict compared to coursework. I think it will vary depending on which University you are in. Have a look at any revision lectures or skills hub advice to see what your university requires specifically. In general though, I think if you make it clear what you are discussing in your writing it should not be a too large of a concern.

For myself (as a law student), we are usually asked to cite the author's surname, year, and if we can remember the article's name. Though I do not think you will be marked down too much as they are testing your understanding of the topic.

Hope this helps.
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