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Dietetics GCU vs RGU vs QMU

Hi all, i’m going on to study dietetics in September but i’m really struggling to make a decision between Glasgow Caledonian, Robert Gordon’s and Queen Margaret’s.

GCU only offers a Bsc whereas RGU and QMU is a Masters, all of them are 4 years long. Is it even worth going to GCU for a Bsc when the other two unis offer the same course but of a higher more recognised level???
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I feel like there’s so many different factors which you need to consider.


Where do you live? Are you planning on staying in student accommodation or at home? Compare the financial aspects - is it cheaper to commute to certain unis/live on campus etc.


Are you receiving SAAS funding or are you funding it yourself?


I’m assuming with GCU being a 4 year BSc that the teaching is more in depth than the other unis - not necessarily meaning that you will learn more but you will probably have more support and work at a slower pace


Compare the placement opportunities and assessment methods - which do you prefer?

I previously studied at GCU and had interprofessional modules with dietetic students and each class we worked as a multidisciplinary team. The experience and teaching that I received there was second to none. If you’re not self-funding the course and are commuting, I would really consider doing the BSc and then you can also do a masters afterwards. An extra year seems long but in reality it isn’t and it makes all the difference in terms of confidence, experience, and knowledge. It also gives you extra time to build up your network and expand your career opportunities.

That’s just from my perspective but ultimately you have to make the decision that is best for you. Good luck! :smile:
City campus, Glasgow Caledonian University
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