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Evening Universities Within London Area?

Hope you are doing well, I'm 28 years old and it's been around 18 months I came to the country and recently been giving leave to remain status. So I'm thinking about getting to University and do an undergraduate course in accounting and finance while I will try to get a job during the day time and support my parents whom are unable to work due to their health.

Although I know there are many traditional universities with fulltime courses and part time that you can do during day time, but since I want to get into university by evening I haven't found any except Birkbeck and I looked online and here (TSR) it doesn't seem to have a such a social vibe as most student are mature and are working class, so I want to find is there any other university within London area that offer such as evening course with possibility of having a social life in order for me to get to know people and make friendships while trying to blend in with the society step by step?

thank you upfront for your replies :smile:
Hi there,

It’s wonderful that you’re considering pursuing an undergraduate course in Accounting and Finance while also supporting your parents.

Balancing work, education and family responsibilities can be challenging, but it’s commendable that you’re determined to make it work.

At London South Bank University we're known for our professional links and excellent networking opportunities. Additionally, although we primarily offer daytime courses, we also provide evening study options for Accounting and Finance depending on the demand. Make sure to reach out to our Student Centre or Course Enquiries to ask more questions.

Lastly, while our evening courses may have fewer social events, you can still build connections by joining our clubs and societies, online communities, events, local meetups, workshops as well as guest lectures.

Make sure to keep an eye on our website to join us for our next Open Day.

I hope I managed to help!

Best of luck,
Birkbeck is brilliant and you get a University of London degree.

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