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A level exams in a month- help with stress and revision load?

I’ve been feeling extremely overwhelmed and tired due to all the revision and the exams are inching closer and closer; although I’ve done revision and kept in line with homework and coursework deadlines, it still doesnt feel like enough and it’s stating to feel a bit hopeless. I’m predicted a BB distinction which is what i need to get into my courses but along with sorting out university and balancing essay based subjects with a coursework heavy subject, it feels unlikely that I’ll get the grades. It takes me quite a long time to get home after college too due to me living further away and it feels really difficult giving equal attention to all my subjects while still getting enough sleep. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to refresh during exam season and get efficient revision done without having to risk your health? As exams come closer it just feels like all the revision I’ve done doesnt stick and im becoming worried. We haven’t even covered all the content yet for two of my subjects.
same situation, i need AAA and feel as if I am working at about a BBB right now. I dont think i can get an aaa but will feel incredibly disappointed if i dont. come results day, i hope not to feel like these painful 2 years were worth nothing and id like to feel like all the hard work i did in them paid off. obv there is slim chances for this, considering the lack of time we now have.

hopefully we are both able to get what we want, try sleeping maybe an hour later than usual, this is unhealthy to an extent but may make a difference, good luck.

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