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English Literature Coursework CCEA

I've been asked to start thinking about my book choices for starting the piece of comparative coursework. However, I'm unsure on what books to compare.

I was thinking about using dracula as one of the texts, although I'm not sure about a 21st-century text to compare it to. Any ideas?
I think if you wanted to go for a 'modern horror story' that is critically acclaimed you could look at The Road (2006) by Cormac McCarthy. The tension build up throughout is great - but it focuses more on the horror of mankind in a post apocalyptic world, rather than a 'bad guy / monster' like Dracula does.

World War Z (2006) would also be an interesting choice - both that and Dracula use an epistolary structure (part of the story told through letters and documents, rather than traditional narrative) and the zombies and vampire could be compared as the 'monster.'

If you specifically wanted to look at the portrayal of vampires specifically, then Twilight (2005) is the modern/well-known portrayal of them. I'm not going to say Meyer's storytelling is the best, but the vampire ideal she builds of 'vegetarian' vampires and Carlisle as a healer (plus all the stereotypes that they subvert) is an interesting one.

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