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A levels/leaving sixth form

I am nearing the end of year 12 and I have a lot of concerns. Just came back after Easter holidays and my school has changed so many rules and many of my teachers have left. I want to leave and go to another sixth form/college but I am worried that I will be behind in my lessons unless there is something that the school can figure out. Does anyone have any advice, it would be very helpful thank you.
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The best thing you can do right now is stay if you are a disciplined student and think you are capable of studying well yourself.

Otherwise, for now stay, but contact sixth forms nearby maybe by email and ask them if they could perhaps let you transfer or restart the next year from year 12. I'd 100% recommend starting again from Year 12 as it will allow you to also have a fresh start, especially if they do a different specification for the subjects you initially picked. It won't even be that bad that you may be a year older than everyone in your class. Many people in my school have done this as the quality of education in other sixth forms/colleges in my city is bad compared to ours.

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