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I saw a similar post about transferring, so wanted to ask hypothetically.

If i were to do a foundation year, complete it and do first year, can i transfer? Assuming my a level grades are high. But also, what if these a levels aren’t the qualifications listed?

I am planning ahead, i am a year 13 student who wants to transfer to a higher uni in the future.
Unlikely. Foundation courses are only designed to get you into that Uni - they do not have some sort of universal syllabus or standard qualification that automatically gets you further up the ladder next time. Most 'good' Unis are very wary about other Uni's Foundation courses, and they will also usually want good A levels results as well.

The advice - always - is if you do not want to complete your entre degree at that Uni, don't go there for a Foundation. Its much better to either actually do some work now and aim seriously for far higher A level grades than just 'coasting in' - or in the event of weak results, resit your A levels.
I agree, incorrect subjects at AL + a FY at another uni is unlikely to be accepted. Yes, hypothetically it might be possible, but the odds are so low that if you're thinking about it at this stage, you would be 100% better off just taking/retaking the required subjects during a gap year.

It's not something to plan to do basically.

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