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Can I get Student Finance Maintenance loan for term 3 only? (15th April onwards)

So here is my story, I am third year undergraduate student who was awarded Settled status in march this year. After been unable to apply as a migrant worker (Evidence not found). I was wondering if it would be possible to apply for the minimum non income based third term payment? In other words If I would be able to get the remaining funding (Term 3 payment of 1,150 GBP) after I was awarded settled status without applying as a migrant worker?
Hi there. You may be entitled to the Maintenance loan for the final term. This would depend on when your were awarded your Settled status. You would be entitled to a Maintenance Loan from the term following when you were awarded the settled status.

You would need to apply on a PN1 application and provide your settled status share code and Home Office letter. This form will need to be posted in. It takes around 6 weeks to fully process applications. Thanks, Leah.

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