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Busy exam timetable!

Students often anticipate their exam timetables, wondering if they’ll be evenly spread out or have them all bunched up on the same day.

This surely creates lots of anxiety and stress for many students which can ultimately affect their revision and exam performance. I have put together a couple tips that have helped me cope with hectic exam schedules.

1. Devising an effective revision timetable!
Revision timetables ensure I'm also not neglecting your revision and help plan how I should space out my learning. Timetables prevents me from procrastinating and cramming everything at the last minute. When devising your timetable, I base it around factors such as: my strong and weak topics, and how far away the exam for those topics are. Organising your time is key to exam success, and it’s especially important to those with busy exam schedules.

2. Selfcare + “You time”
This tip might seem counterintuitive, but it’s extremely important. Lots of students during exam period might feel like all their time should be dedicated toward studying whilst neglecting their need for social and “me” time to engage in hobbies, or to simply relax. Due to the high levels of stress during this period, too much can be damaging and harm the students’ ability to concentrate and performance. I highly encourage that you add some time for yourself in your revision schedules. This ensures that while you are taking time for yourself, you’re also not neglecting your revision.

A busy exam timetable can be intimidating and cause major concerns for stress, there are plentiful more tips you can find here: to make this exam period more manageable.

Feel free to ask me any more questions :smile:

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