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Transferring to Computer Science in University of Toronto

I applied to university of Toronto for computer science and to faculty of science as well. I got into faculty of science only but I am more interested in computer science. Would it be possible for me to transfer to computer science in my second year. Would this be a difficult process and would it end up wasting a year of my studies? I got into computer science in other schools but I prefer U of T so I just want to ensure that if I attend I will still be able to ultimately pursue computer science.
This is a really a question that only Toronto can answer. They may look at your previous grades/results as well as your year 1 modules, so what happened with others may not be a relaible guide. Course swaps are always case by case, as well as being dependant on space.

The general advice is to never enrol on a course that you wouldn't be happy completing.

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