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high 7s/low 8s in business, sciology and history to high 8s/9s in like 3 weeks

basically what the title says.

for socio and business, i usually get 8s, but just about . and i'm wondering say i'm working at a high 7, how can i bring it up to an 8 and also is it possible w the 3 weeks i have left?
i'm aiming to just do my flashcads everyday and do 12 markers for socio everyday and try n answer highmark business qs
Focus on what you find difficult at the beginning of your revision. Address these concerns then apply. Make up questions that haven’t come up before (because these can always come up). To be honest, t also depends on the questions you gte so by addressing your difficult topics, its makes u prepared to answer tough questions becase you can’t avoid it. For me in Spanish i was working at a 5/6 and ended up getting a high 7 by addressing things i struggled on.

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