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Is it risky to apply for PPL, ISPS and Anthropology?

I was thinking of applying to the following courses:
1) HSPS - Cambridge
2) Social Anthropology - LSE
3) PPL - Warwick
5) Philosophy and Politics - Bristol

If I centre my personal statement around human rights, would it be enough to incorporate all the subjects (politics, philosophy, law, anthropology)?
How are you going to write one convincing PS with appropriate academic discussion that works for politics based courses - and Soc Anth?

Honest advice - forget LSE and apply for another Politics based course, preferably one with much lower entry grades as all of your other choices are very competitive and even with the right grades, you could easily end up with no offer at all. Suggestions - Politics, Philosophy and Religion - Lancaster University and BA Political Science and Philosophy - University of Birmingham and Politics and Philosophy BA : University of Sussex
HSPS and social anth at LSE are perfectly reasonable to apply to together. The others I think are largely unrelated to those two and I don't think you can write a suitable focused PS for those five in combination.

It'd be more realistic then to swap anthropology at LSE for a politics related course and write a mainly politics focused PS, since that's otherwise the common strand between the courses. However the philosophy and law sides might be hard to incorporate well without overly diluting things for the courses not including those areas.

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