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super curricular oxbridge

whats the most valuable/best super curricular activities i could do?
for humanities
Subject dependent but generally essay competitions may be of interest. Wider reading is always valuable as well. There might be other subject specific activities of relevance (e.g. for classics applicants the JACT summer schools or similar could be valuable experiences, especially if they haven't had a chance to study either language before).

Note that "supercurriculas" are not scored as "best" vs "worst" activities. A very bright student who does not have access to summer schools and essay competitions and so on can very well write a good PS and score well in interview and get an offer and acceptance at Oxford or Cambridge simply by reading widely and thinking deeply about their proposed subject area. By all accounts it's more about how and what you think about what you do, than the specific things you do themselves.
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‘What you’re interested in’

It’s all about showing what you already have, a keen deep driving interest in yout subject. It’s anything at all. Summer placements, essay competitions, whatever floats your boat on your chosen field.

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