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I’m in year 10 and I just got my mock exam results which are :
English lang English lit both 6
Foundation Math: 3
Foundation Science combined: bio 4 chem 3 physics 4
Art 7
Food 9
Geo 4
Re 6
Sociology 6
Do you think this is good for a year 10 and is there any way I could improve my grades ?
For science I’m in higher set but they put most people in my class onto foundation paper
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These are decent. Obviously you may want to focus on maths and chemistry but you don’t need to be revising everyday in year 10, and the rest of your grades are good. Set a good revision routine in year 11 for all subjects. Do past exam questions and use active recall techniques and you’ll do great. But try and rest over the summer holidays because year 11 can be intense.
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