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I'm so confused

I've been achieving semi-decent grades so far as CBB, but in my recent a-level mocks back in september, I did absolutely horrible in one particular exam and achieved an E. My college assigned me to a re-sit mock this month. But their system is really confusing me. They gave me a letter stating that if I don't achieve a higher grade in this mock exam, they may remove me from the course and reject me from sitting the final a-level exam. If I were to fail, what would happen after they remove me from the course? Is it possible to leave a student with only two a-levels? Maybe they'd substitute my final grade with my previous mock grades or overall evaluation. But what's the point of that? I tried to reach out to my teacher, but as usual he's extremely passive and gives me no information or advice. I will try my best to improve my grades, but I'm just wondering about the worst case scenario and what I should plan beforehand, if it were to take place. My UCAS predicted grades are CBB and i already have conditional offers from a couple of universities. I really do plan on going to university this year. Even if it's the worst university with the lowest requirements. I don't want to leave my college empty handed. How would I attend any university at all?
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Most schools/colleges wont actually allow you to drop to only 2 A levels - because its below the 'full teaching load' level and therefore they wont get g'ment funding for you. So, they are trying to make you realise this is serious, and that you need to put in some real effort.

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