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How do I improve my grades?

im trying hard but im getting Cs and Bs on assessments that I do in class and I really want to try and aim for As as I feel pretty much an idiot at the moment, this is not to shame any others or anything like that I just, for myself feel like I am wasting my time at sixth form because of this, id really help if you guys could help.

subjects I take:
OCR English literature, my novels are, 'a dolls house', 'Richard iii', Rossetti poetry, Dracula and bloody chamber (the last two are y13 texts) and for my NEA work which I am just starting now I am doing, Streetcar named desire and compared with atonement and Carol Ann Duffy, worlds wife

Edxcel Politics UK government, political ideas and the US government

AQA History, Revolution and Dictatorship: Russia 1917 - 1953 & the Tudors, England 1485 - 1603 and for the NEA im doing American history

I would really appreciate it if you guys could give me some tips on these as I really would like to improve
hello! please do not feel discouraged, c's and b's are still great grades! for english literature, i really recommend essay practice. do multiple questions which contrast each other so you can revise and recall different contexts and critics for different situations. if you can, i would also recommend a teacher marking this with you in the room for both vocal and visual feedback. however, if you do feel that you are unable to repeatedly write full essays, i suggest writing a few main body paragraphs for marking as this will still indicate where you need to improve. unfortunately, i cannot help you on politics and history as i do not study these. i really hope this helps. good luck for the future!
use chatgpt to predict possible essay questions by inputting all the previous past paper questions, then based off the questions they give you, tell them to make an essay plan. turn the essay plan into flashcards and memorize tf out of them

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