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mixed signals and confusion from a guy

i met this guy on my course at university. we live in the same area so became quick travel buddies together and began getting the train together weekly as we shared a lecture. we have a lot in common, even down to identical experiences at school, liking the same music, same morals etc. one week he couldnt come in coz of a hospital appointment and then asked if we could hang out together in our local town.
well we hung out and it was after xmas so late december but before new years. it was good and we got pizza and went to the park. it was good overall and he paid for my food too which was really nice and sweet and yeah.
a few weeks pass and its uni starts again. we decide to do the train journeys together again and we did and then for 1 of our modules which we share, we have to do a trip on our own accord and we can do it with people. i asked him and we went into the main city together and spent the afternoon together and THAT meetup was brilliant. i feel like i got a really good idea of his character and person as a whole and we got along really well.
then it was reading week and i sent him the photos from another trip for another module coz his phone packed up and had to have a nokia. i also voted for him coz he wanted to be student rep and he was very thankful for that.
reading week ends and it would go back to normal train journeys together. he sends me a message saying he wont be able to go coz he got something on. i accept it and say i'll see him next week.
next week rolls around and he still isnt in. i message him asking if everything is ok and if he will be in, he apologised for late responses and said he is going through something then asked how my week was. i told him then asked him how his was and then he left me on delivered. to be honest, that wasnt the smartest move from me coz he legit just said he got something going on and so me asking him how his week was, he isnt gonna exactly share it is he.
anyways, now uni is ended. He didnt show up for the whole of the rest of the semester.
on saturday, i messaged him, saying i hope he is ok, been missing our train journeys and whether he would like to meetup at some point if he is up for it ofc. Then he left me on delivered.
The thing is tho- coz his dad is a cabbie, he has quite the public image, especially on social media and i saw a picture with the guy, his dad and grandma and he looks fine. Like yeah he is at home but he looks alr.

I am just kind of confused. He does give mixed signals. yeah, he has always been a rubbish texter and stuff but he has never displayed this behaviour before idk why he is being salty all of a sudden. I know for a fact i have done nothing to him and been nothing but nice and helpful.
We share common things, very common things, when we do text he sometimes copies my texting style and smiley faces i use. He is a good listener, makes good eye contact and asks personal questions about me and my family when we were hanging out. He even asked one time, whether when i am with my female friends whether i talk about him. He would make witty remarks in response back to my witty remarks and make jokes and stuff.

Idk i am just really confused :/// i am partly trying to figure out whether he likes me or not. idm if he doesnt i am just confused on why a sudden change in attitude.
I don't see what about this makes you think he's being salty. He has been away for an entire semester so clearly does have something going on, which he did tell you in fairness. It may be that he just doesn't have time for university stuff, and that may well include you. But it doesn't mean he is deliberately ghosting you. It may be, and in fact probably is, that he just doesn't have time for you right now. I don't see how a few social media posts change that; you know that everything that people post on social media is cultivated and selective to a degree, even if you could tell how well someone is from a few photos. Which, of course, you can't.

At the same time, if he was ignoring you it would look the same as this, so I understand the confusion. You've sent him a message at the weekend, so you've done all that you can for now and the ball is in his court. I'd give him a bit more time. The advice normally in this sort of situation is just to actively ask him out on a date and/or tell him how you feel about him, but there's not a lot of point in doing that if he's not communicating with you. So I'd probably hold off on that for now.

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