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could I be marked down for this ?

I do a negotiations module at uni I did it to bring me out of my comfort zone as I’m not the best in public situations. Often times we would be paired up with people and negotiate in pairs with another pair ( it was meant to be group work done ahead of class but we would jus prepare in our own time and discuss strategy in the lecture) anyway I would prepare for the negotiations however i would be always he super anxious even just interacting with my course mates especially during the negotiations , thinking I’ve forgotten info, or I read the assignment wrong ,so often times would tell my partners “oh I’m so unprepared I used chatgpt I know f***k all” I was always paired with quite confident people that were more often than not very happy to take lead and loved to talk so I would chime in during the negotiations here and there. As part of our final assessment there’s a self reflective peice we can talk about ourselves and group work any strengths or weakness etc during the negotiations. The lecturer would pair us , im quite worried some of the people I’ve worked with may bring up me using chatgpt and not being a prepared student as a weakness during the self the reflection piece cuz I would throw those excuses down a lot just out of nerves cuz I was quite scared when it came to discussing especially in groups and no I’m worried that saying these things it may impact my final mark or leave a negative image of me to the lecturer which could
Potentially impact my overall marks and how I’m perceived. Am I overthinking this ?
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If the self-reflective essay is just about you and your groupwork, then it's unlikely that other students who worked with you will spend time in their essays criticising you. However, the tutor may have picked up clues about your behaviour during the module so my advice would be to put a critical eye on yourself and how you managed the groupwork, emphasising where there is scope for improvement. In terms of an impact on your mark, yes it may well do but this will be limited by the assessment weightings. A good honest open well written self-reflective essay could actually pick you up marks.
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