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UCL or KCL medicine? Which one to firm?


- social life
- academics
- course differences
- how "chill" is it relatively
- reputation (?)
- overall experience
Thoughts anyone?
Do kcl
@WideReciever I’ve seen you active on the UCL chat, so you’re obvs biased
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Reputation is a non-factor for medicine - specialty recruitment is blinded to your medical school to ensure no bias and it's just verified after an offer is made to ensure you did indeed graduate, and foundation placement is by algorithm that doesn't factor in which medical school you went to (in fact I believe from this year it doesn't factor in anything except the order you rank locations).

Hard to tell what you mean by "academics" - they're both GMC accredited medical degrees so invariably you're going to cover broadly the same topics and they're going to be taught at a similar level in principle. Specific structures and the way in which they're taught may vary but you can find this information out from the websites and make that decision for yourself which you prefer.

Factors worth considering not noted are location (of the uni and also placements) in terms of living costs and commuting elements, what other facilities the unis offer which you may be interested in (e.g. clubs, societies, sporting facilities etc), if there are any additional bursaries/similar offered by one or the other, and similar too :smile:
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