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Heat transfer between two objects

An ice cube of mass 0.010 kg at a temperature of 0 degrees is dropped into a cup containing 0.1kg of water at temperature of 15 degrees.
What is the maximum estimated charge in temperature of the contents of the cup?

Specific heat capacity of water= 4200
specific latent heat of fusion of ice = 3.4 x10^5

Can someone explain this
So the water is gonna decrease in temp therefore losing energy and the ice cube will change state and increase temp hence gaining energy so its as follows

Qice = -Qwater

0.01 x 3.4x10^5 + 0.01 x (Tfinal - 0)x 4200 = - 0.1 x 4200 x (Tfinal - 15)

I think then solve for T?

I think this is right maybe?

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