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UCL, Cranfield, Surrey or City for transition to the space sector

Hi all,

I am planning a career transition from finance to the space sector, currently thinking of roles in missions planning and management (but open to other roles in the sector as well). I don't have an engineering background but I have background in Math, IT, Economics and Finance. I applied to 4 MSc programmes:

UCL: MSc Space Science and Engineering: Space Technology

Cranfield University: Astronautics and Space Engineering MSc

University of Surrey: Space Engineering

City, University of London: Space Mission Analysis and Design MSc

I received offers from all 4 programmes so I am looking for some crowd wisdom on which university to choose. There were some threads discussing this question already but many of them were quite old, a lot might have changed since then plus some new programmes have been launched. I am doing some research and comparison but In a nutshell my understanding now is that:

Cranfield and Surrey both have very strong engineering programmes and well connected in the industry.

UCL is a very strong university across the board with great reputation but engineering might not be the strongest.

City's programme content seems relevant but it's brand new so not much is known of how the graduates are doing yet.

Any perspectives are appreciated. Thanks.

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