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Need asap helppppp pleasee

so i am currently in yr 10 and i have upcoming mocks in late may and early june do you think i shld be revising alot for my mocks and are they as important. also my 2nd question is does anyone know any good type of revision bc i have tried pomodoro technique, active recall, blurting and non of them seem to work for me and i get distracted easily or just get bored of it. so i wld appreciate some tips and ways on types of revision style that wld suit me and if i shld be worried about my mocks which are in 1 month time or anything i shld start doing as i get towards yr11
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Alright, so first u know u have a month roughly left to revise. For year 10, it is not that demanding but still important to revise and get something done. It’s great u know about all the revision techniques but from experience I’d say focus on one thing which is understanding the content. I’m assuming u take a science, so understanding a process like how the alveoli function is important before revising it. Once you have understood content, make your notes. Personally for year 10, you should be using the gcse notes. The best websites to save time and give you the exact answers are: Physics and maths tutor, bbc Bitesize and save my exams (especially for maths science this last one is amazing). Once you have made your notes or you choose to use the websites ones, then maybe revise them. Because you already have understood them from taking the time initially, this will not be quick - you should be filling gaps in your mind about certain things or maybe rehashing a few new things. Then after all of this attempt a few qs teachers have given you or from topic tests you have done in school. Then some past papers but since you are year 10, tell ur teacher to give them to you as you haven’t learnt all the content. Past papers will also fill in gaps and helps with time management.
Also, don’t get stressed. U are year 10 and use these exams as a way of getting first hand experience for what year 11 GCSE’s will be like. After these exams u need to enjoy summer cause trust me once your in like year 12 and 13 u would have wished u stressed less.

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