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A poem - The Ages Rhyme

The Ages Rhyme (2020)

The cult of shrews, no fella will do
Less comprador cucks do kneel and bow.
Confuses the masses, outraged but passive
No agency unless a clown.

Vote for me, ignorant plebian that be
Unwise to the preselected drones.
Whether left or right, you aren’t so bright
Disciples both with wokery well honed

Taxes raised, by zealots depraved
Religious bigotry the Treasury’s goal.
And atheists like thee, BBC virtue will see
Choose between the yoke or on the dole.

No religion remains, the Bible disdained
Priests, pastors the cult instead promote
Intersectionality, logic is unjust banality
Critical race theory preached to provoke.

The sect of thee, is plain to see.
Dictated! Assumed guilt of feminist foes.
White men obviously, bottom of the tree
Buy indulgences! Soothe Greta’s woes.

Fair England’s history, a civil war I see
The Protestants against the Pope.
In modernity, a Maoist insurgency
Cloaked in the language of woke.

Money overseas, don’t say missionaries
Spread the sermon of bras that burned
Confused yet? You will be, till you see
That the Dark ages have indeed returned.

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