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uk student from EU, three or O2?

im with three atm, but whenever we have winter break, summer break or spring break, i go back to the EU, three is overcharging me all the time and im considering going to the o2, but i use a lot of my data generally, so whenever i go back to my home country im concerned if i will get over the 25gb that i am allowed to with O2 and be over charged again. what should i do?
Aretidem is with Three but gets overcharged for data roaming when traveling back to the EU during breaks. Offers potentially better data allowances, but roaming charges outside the UK can be expensive. Might have capped data plans (e.g., 25GB) that could be insufficient for regular use, but roaming charges within the EU might be more affordable.

Check if Three offers any add-on packages for cheaper EU data roaming during breaks. O2 might offer PAYG SIM cards with more affordable EU roaming rates compared to Three's standard roaming charges. MVNOs piggyback on existing networks (like Three or O2) but often offer more competitive rates, including roaming options. When traveling back to the EU, rely on Wi-Fi connections whenever possible to avoid data roaming charges altogether.

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