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What to do??

Hey all so iv not had a paid job for 14 months now.
Iv had interviews but they never go well for me and the other jobs that iv applied for I just get rejected from or don't hear back.
Iv got a degree in computer science but it's years old now so I don't know enough to do an I.T job now.
So iv thought about doing another degree but my parents don't want me to they just want me to get any job
but m not getting one
so what should I do then??
I have not had a full time job yet so I probably won't be much help but I can try to advise you. I also have a degree in Computing but no work experience and the field is difficult to get into especially in the current job market but not impossible!

What work are you applying to, IT or general? If it's IT and you feel you're behind, it is a fortunate industry (despite the market) in that independent study alongside a degree should be enough to get you in the field. just make sure you know your stuff and have projects to back it up. However, depending on your situation that might be a lot of study and it might be worth getting any unrelated job you can while studying in your free time which I totally get is easier said than done... If you are not interested in IT and would like any job in general, any work experience you have can be tailorable on your CV to the roles you are applying for. If you have connections to people who might be able to offer you a job at their workplace, I'd go for it. Alternatively, you could do voluntary work if you can afford to. It can bolster the experience side of things a bit.

About the CV, the fact you are getting interviews is a sign your CV might be perfectly good but it's always worth getting feedback if you can, there are people online who can give feedback from a recruiter's perspective (I think there are some on Reddit... Probably better places too haha). If that's all good and you are getting a fair number of interviews, have you received feedback about why they didn't proceed with your application or reflected on it yourself? Anything from that would be worth working on.

If your CV and interview abilities are sharp, it may just be a matter of applying and applying again until you get it. It's disheartening for sure (I know it well!) but you'll get there 🙂 Good luck!
There's something very wrong if you can't get a starter job in IT.

You Job Centre should be providing a lot of useful help for you getting a job.
Checking over your CV. Giving you help with interview technique. Getting you on a specialised training course.

Pick the specialisation that appeals to you most. This may be as simple as whatever seems to be most in demand and with the best pay after a couple of years experience. Then go ahead and get certifications in that specialisation. Followed by you generating your own experience if no one hires you in the meantime.

Don't do another degree!!!

If all else fails, start your own business. Get hustling.

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