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MSc Statistics Part Time

Hi, I'm looking at taking a MSc Statistics course part time while working as a Data Scientist. I'm interested in finding out about my chances of acceptance onto particular courses and what I can do to improve my chances.

I graduated 6 years ago with an undergraduate degree in Mathematics from a non-Russell group university. I graduated with a high first(78%) but didn't take any Statistics modules. I did however take a first class in probability theory and a multitude of calculus modules(vector calculus, fluid mechanics, partial differential questions, real and complex analysis etc). I also took linear algebra theory.

As part of my job I have learned a lot fundamental statistics as well as machine learning but I'm keen to gain a more thorough education in statistical theory, Bayesian statistics/modern simulation methods, machine learning/deep learning to help progress my career as a Data Scientist. My employer would sponsor my Masters as they also see the benefit.

I live and work in London and given I am taking the course part-time alongside work I would be mainly restricted to London Universities. I really like the look of the courses at UCL/LSE/Kings(they all offer part-time) but I feel that my chances of acceptance onto these courses are slim given I graduated from a non-Russell group uni and didn't take any pure statistics based modules.

What are my realistic chances of being accepted onto one of these courses? My hope is that my years of working in a related field and self learning a lot of statistics/ML will increase my chances.

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