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Oh! Pity Pure love

How could you be so positive?
Being faced the results negative
The givers treat you great divine
The takers feel your grant heaven
Mostly you get rejected by your love
You deserve value oh pity pure love

How could you be so determined?
May sometimes geting neglected
You sacrifice yourself as an effert
All you wish is the takers comfort
Ever wishing happyness of your love
You deserve respect oh pity pure love

How could you even be so strong?
Your hard efforts may go wrong
Always in takers thoughts hoping their best
Your evar lasting care have lot of resistant
You never stop but change the way you love
You deserve trust oh pity pure love

How could you be so selfless?
Even knowing they are careless
Mostly enroute to undeserved place
While many deserve you in their lives
Its not your fault for being so innocent
You deserve success oh pity pure love

How could you even don't feel like trash?
After getting the results getting so harsh
You console yourself for their good being
You motivate yourself to keep them loving
You love yourself by knowing what is love
You deserve love oh great pure love....

You remain a devotion to one who succeed you You remain an achievement to one who lose you You remain a question to one who rejected you You remain a passion to one who worship you
You remain a caution to one who lost in you
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