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Computer science in university of Hertfordshire

Is the computer science course in Herts really challenging? What's the structure of their assessments? Difficulty level?
Hey @ar_olfol 🙂

Great to see that you're considering Herts! The Computer Science course at Herts is designed to provide a solid foundation while incorporating real-world technologies and applications...


In the first year, you'll cover fundamental principles such as programming, data representation, computer design, and networks.


As you progress to the second year, you'll delve deeper into contemporary issues, software development, databases, and more. The flexibility to choose additional modules in the second year and the option for a work placement or study abroad year enhance your learning experience.


In the final year, core modules focus on computer security, project planning, and concurrency, alongside individual project work.

Assessments typically involve a mix of coursework and written assignments, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. From Year 1 to Final Year, coursework takes up a majority of the assessment method for this course, with a much smaller share going to written exams throughout. While the course challenges students, the support system, state of the art facilities and practical approach aid in mastering the material to make the learning and examination process a lot smoother!

Speaking from experience, although not as a Computer Science student, my lecturers, tutors and even course mates were incredibly supportive throughout my studies at Herts. Yes, university is a challenge - but for me that was the point! The challenge never seemed unattainable to me because of the immense support there always was 🙂

If you would like to learn a little more about the experiences of a CS student, do read this blog from James, a Herts Computer Science graduate, or if you would like to chat with a current student, sign up to Unibuddy and speak with Nuzhat - a current CS student!

Good luck with your journey, we'd love to see and support you at Herts!


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