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A Day in the Life of a Second-year Law Student at the University of Roehampton

Hey everyone! I’m Esra Tasdemir, a second-year Law student at the University of Roehampton and this is a day in my life living on campus.

07:30am I start my day by catching the University Bus (849) from the main entrance, heading to Wimbledon for my gym session. Although the university has its own gym, I stick to my usual spot in Wimbledon, which I’ve been going to for a while. The university bus makes the journey a breeze, getting me there in just 15 minutes, and the best part? It’s completely free!

9:00 am After my workout, I head back to Elm Grove, where I live on campus, to grab breakfast and get ready for the day. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, so I always take the time to craft the perfect breakfast plate for myself.

10:30 am Time to hit the books! With deadlines approaching, I head to the library, which is quietest in the morning. I cosy up in my favourite spot and start reviewing the essays I’ve been working on.

Here’s a handy time-management tip I use for tackling essays after completing my first draft: I estimate the total time needed to finish the essay, let’s say 10 hours. Then, each time I sit down to work on it, I set a timer for that predicted duration. I mark each hour as I complete it, and often, I wrap up right on schedule. It’s a simple trick that helps keep me on track!

14:00 pm I head to meet my friend at The Hive Cafe, known for serving the best coffees on campus! It’s got such a cosy atmosphere, perfect for catching up. We later plan to spend some time in Central London the next day. It’s convenient that the uni bus takes us to two stations, Putney, and Barnes, where we can catch trains to Central London (which takes about 30 mins).

15:00 pm We make our way to our European Union Law class, which I find incredibly enjoyable thanks to our engaging lecturer. Today is a revision session, and he’s gone above and beyond by providing us with perfectly crafted revision sheets to simplify the material. His help really makes learning and understanding the subject much easier!

16:30pm I head to meet the Law Society team at the library in one of the private rooms (booked through the library online portal), we are planning for our next event, aiming for another success like the Law Fair. We’re proud of our latest achievements, with fantastic feedback from both the Law School and students. The Law Fair was a standout, featuring prestigious speakers from firms like Clifford Chance and Slaughter & May.

17:20pm I find a comfy spot in the library and get back to work. Using the library computers, I print out what I need and dive into my tasks.

19:00pm Back from the library, just a few steps from my flat, I cook up a tasty dinner and pour myself a comforting cup of tea. Then, I get into the gripping pages of Sigmund Freud’s “Totem and Taboo” while enjoying some Netflix. It’s the kind of night that’s hard to beat!

Thanks for joining me!

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