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Predicted Grades

Hi. I am in year 12 and I Recently sat my schools only set of mocks for predicted grades I needed AAA for the two courses I wanted to apply to for uni however I got AAB wit the B in chem .
The school have been saying we are not allowed to resits and I was wondering if it was worth fighting for them to inflate my chem grade to a A as I know I can get a A grade but these mocks just went difficult for me . In comparison we do these mini topic test and my grades have been CBABAA*A* and on the first ever mini move up test we did I got a D but that doesn’t count much . The problem is we have two teachers and on one I’m on 82% average ad the other 54-65% average and since I got the B in the mock. Would it be worth fighting for the A as I know I can achieve it
It would be, especially as you have not even finished year 12 yet.

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