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Is this toxic workplace behaviour?

My coworker is always getting all the praise for the work they're doing, everyone just looks up to them. It would be "Oh great, job Sam" "Sam made some amazing work the other day" "Good point, Sam"

It would be like this everyday, I'm not disputing their efforts. But myself and my other coworkers also work hard and put in effort for the work we do. We are never recognised for anything.

It's only Sam. they're just the star of my company I work for

It just hurts and I feel worthless in the company. Is this a sign of toxic workplace behaviour?
shrug maybe management just knows they need flattered to be effective.
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Favouritism at work is not a good thing and everyone should get recognition for a job well done. I wonder why this is happening, is Sam exceptional at the job or has a magnetic personality that makes people big them up. Some level of inequality in recognition is common perhaps inevitable and best not to come across as mean spirited. But worth discussing with your boss how this makes you feel

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