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A-Level Computer Science NEA

Hey there, I've got my computer science NEA project starting soon and I am currently in the phase of coming up with NEA ideas.

To me, I want to do a project that is fun and will keep me engaged. So far the main project idea I have come up with is something like an automated clone hero chart creation, which is basically something that could turn a song file, into a guitar hero level.

There are obviously a few different pathways you can take for the project, i.e. using AI-based/ machine learning kinda approach (to me sounds really cool but complex). The problems I have found and thought of so far is extracting melodies from a song file sounds nearly impossible at the moment unless there is a separate sound file solely for the melody or whatever is being transcribed, and also synchronising the notes to the song.

Despite all of this, can anyone see a solution to my problem, or suggest a new project idea perhaps like this that is more suitable? Any help would be appreciated. :smile:
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