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took a wrong decission in career

I'm in 2nd year of Intergrated Msc. (5 years) in Chemistry Major and it feels like I took the wrong decision and do not want to study chemistry any more . Nowadays , there is much hype and scope in chemical engineering and people does not give attention and value to Msc. grad students and It's too late to start over again with a new course . I feel my current course is rewardless and does have any motivation to study this course . What should I do?
does your 5 year degree allow you to revert to the 3/4 year BSc degree during your second year if you choose? i thought that was a common option

you have the whole of your life ahead of you and a slightly different degree concentration is not a major problem if you'd have preferred chemical engineering jobs over chemistry

even people with very different degrees to their chosen profession still are able to do it. it might just take a little time

dropping out and restarting also takes a little (lot of) time. and money

your degree does not define you all that much

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