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archeology at university

hey anyone that studies a form of archeology at university can you please tell me what it’s like at your university, i’m trying to find a good one but i can’t decide which one to go?
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Which uni to look for probably depends on your specific interests in archaeology. If you're primarily interested in prehistoric archaeology you might be inclined to different courses than someone primarily interested in historic archaeology. Those interested in historic archaeology may themselves be inclined to different unis depending on their specific regional or period interests - someone really interested in Roman archaeology in Britain may be looking for very different courses than someone interested in ancient Near Eastern archaeology, and both may look for different unis than someone interested in Egyptology.

That said generally strong archaeology courses have a breadth of options available. Cambridge and UCL for example pretty much cover the range of prehistoric and historic archaeology across a variety of regions, and also have relevant language options for Egyptology (Egyptian language)/Assyriology (Akkadian/Sumerian/Hittite; these in the HJS and Greek & Latin departments at UCL though, and no Hittite at Cambridge as a formal paper). They also both have various biological anthropology type options (in UCL these are in the anth department mainly but there are some bio-anth related modules in the archaeology dept to do with the archaeology of human evolution etc), and archaeological science options. Oxford also has a fair range although a lot of the Egyptology/ancient Near Eastern content (including the languages) is in the relevant streams of the AMES course (although if that's your main interest you can apply to AMES and do ANE Studies or Egyptology as your "main" language and archaeology instead of the subsidiary language), and a lot of the classical archaeology options are offered through CAAH.

There are of course options beyond those - Southampton has a fair bit of maritime archaeology stuff on offer, Liverpool is one of the few places with substantive Egyptology offerings outside of Oxbridge and UCL as I understand (Manchester has some as well though). I think Edinburgh and Glasgow have some specific options in Celtic archaeology and Scottish heritage studies.

So really probably depends on your interests!
I’m at archaeology in QUB, great fun, very friendly and relaxed department. Plus cheap cost of living etc
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I’m at archaeology in QUB, great fun, very friendly and relaxed department. Plus cheap cost of living etc

Plus lots of different option within the archaeology department, you could do prehistoric,medieval,classics or go into paleoecology in the same department. It helps it’s a small enough group that you know everyone

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