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GCSEs for Oxford

Hello, I have a questions regarding the GCSE subject requirements for Oxford. Do these GCSE subjects seem sensible for a candidate applying for Economics and Management: Math, English, lit, English lan, Business, Art, Spanish, Further math,Computer Science , Chemistry, HPQ, Food tech. WOuld achieving grade 9s in 9/11 ( grade 7 in Food tech and Art) of these subjects make my application competitive. I'm also worried that my subjects may be deemed as easy by Oxford Thankyou in advance xx
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Hey there!
first of all i would like to say Congrats on ur GCSE results, a great( strong too) set of results!!

So this is what i would say..
Unis do looks at GCSE as well as the A-levels (more towards the a-levels tho), and u saying ur subjects r deemed “easy” is not exactly true..

The subjects r not the matter, but rather the grade u got..Oxbridge students tend to have 9/8s for their gcses and ur grades r perfectly fine for that!

Now what i would say is start focusing on A-level grades,they r wayy more important- u must have seen the required grade boundaries on the Oxford website about the degree u want to study..?

With that..super-curriculars are also great ways to make sure u stand out of the crowd!

Hope this helps..feels free to ask me anything else!

Thankyou sooo much xx
If u dont mind me asking what A level subjects did u pick?
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Original post by biographical-ini
Thankyou sooo much xx
If u dont mind me asking what A level subjects did u pick?

I didnt study A-level medicine, but a lott of my friends did most of them took Biology, Chemistry, Maths and further Maths (if not further maths but switch it out for another subject of their interest, which they will later on drop out e.g. Physics)

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