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Currently in Year 12 studying Physics, Chemistry, Psychology and Core Maths.I wanted to apply for Medicine but as I don't take Biology or have the best GCSE grades, I am not sure how many unis I would be applicable to. Can I apply for a mixture of Medicine and Chemistry courses?
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I'm Haya and I'm a final year medical student. When you're applying for medical school, you need to have good grades in your GSCEs and your A-Levels. Biology is not a requirement but chemistry is, but don't worry! You have plenty of options to apply for medical school.

1. You can do a graduate entry, So you can do an ungraduate degree in biomedical sciences or healthcare and then you can apply for a past grad degree. Only some universities offer this.

2. You can do a foundation program. If you did not get your required grades, some universities offer a foundation year with progression into the MBBS.
And recently there has been talks about a possible apprenticeship in medicine.

Hope this helps!
Haya- MBBS V
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You may find it helpful to do yourself a spreadsheet that you update as you go on this (as they haven't confirmed requirements for 2025 entry yet). But on the basis of 2024 entry requirements.

You can still do medicine if you don't have a Bio A level. But the numbers of unis you can apply to will be reduced.

Have a look here (this is the 2024 entry one).

Then for each of the med schools that are still in the running look at the minimum requirements for medicine at GCSE. I suggest you look at each website and application policy for that.

Then you will have an even shorter list of those that don't need bio but will accept your GCSEs.

The important thing here is that med schools may state a minimum, but actually thr practical effect of their GCSE policy may mean that they use them as a scoring system for selection to interview, often in some form of combination with your UCAT score.

The most important thing for you, as with everybody else, will be to apply strategically. That is likely to mean that the places that are suggested to you may not be the places you are thinking now. So don't think now! Seriously, don't set your heart on anything just yet.

A strategic application will, in the main be based on your UCAT score and GCSEs. When you have your UCAT score come back to the "which medical school megathread" at the top of the medicine forum and there will be help available then. Unfortunately nobody can really suggest where you could apply at this stage with any degree of certainty.

The above is based on you being a home student..if you are international then the situation may be different again.

The poster above mentioned graduate entry and foundation. Graduate entry is possible but it is much more competitive again. Foundation medicine is an option too, but you will need to qualify on contextual grounds too. So have a look and see whether you think you might. It could be another route for you.

If you do qualify on contextual grounds please also check to see if you might qualify for the UCAT bursary. If so, it is really important that you apply as it can be very helpful both financially but also in the application / selection process at some unis.

Lastly. Plan your summer. Think about doing the UCAT and all the prep etc earlier in the summer if you can. That way once you know where your strategic applications might best be directed you will have a window of time to pick up any necessary extra curricular activities or experiences that might aid your application.

Experience in a caring role and a public facing role would be the principle ones.

Sorry this is so long, but I hope you find it helpful.

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