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How to make a revision time table

I would like to make some sort of plan or time table based around my GCSE exams as i have been given the dates for each of my exams however i don't really know how to go about doing it. Like should i revise a mix of everything or focus on one subject and go through all of them by the date of exam. Any help is appreciated
I made sure to split my time acording to the ones i wanted the best grades in tbh
i made sure to do roughly 2-3 hours a day (aside from school) but on study leave i pushed it up to 4-5
i put more weight on the maths and sciences cus i needed good grades in them
also do not focus on one subejct for too long. the second you move onto a different subejct you will forget everything
also it gets way too boring and you wont retain anything
a mix of subejcts is good- an hour on each

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