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internal pressure to learn how to drive

hello, I’m 20 and a student nurse. as of recently I’ve been experiencing a lot of pressure mostly internally to learn how to drive. Some people of my age are already driving and it makes me feel like I’m behind in life, my close friend is also learning how to drive and another too. I don’t know, I just often compare myself and just think I’m behind in life.
learning to drive is important for people in places where driving is necessary, or who enjoy driving/the flexibility it gives you

it's wise to learn to drive if:

you need it for a job

you live in an area where public transport frequently disrupts your plans

you can afford it and/or your parents are paying

you otherwise want a car

driving isn't really a big step in life. i learned to drive during sixth form but do not drive. equally, it may be unwise to force yourself to drive if:

you don't frequently find yourself needing to drive somewhere

public transport is good (and reasonably priced)

you don't enjoy the idea of driving

you don't have a lot of savings or a stable income

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