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The Official King's College London Applicants for 2025 Entry Thread

Hello everyone,

This is the thread for people who are thinking of applying to King's College London for 2025 or deferred 2026 entry.

Meet and chat to other applicants applying here.

Here are some icebreaker questions:

1) What A Levels are you doing (or other eligible qualifications)?
2) What course at KCL do you have your eyes on? And why?
3) What grades did you get/are you predicted to get at GCSE and Sixth Form?
4) Why KCL specifically?
5) Which admissions tests do you have to sit if any, and when will you start preparing for them?
6) Will you be attending any Open Days?
7) How are you feeling about starting University?
8) Other unis you're interested in?

General TSR Rules:
Do not ask for or post group chat links.
Do not ask for or post interview questions.
Do not offer to buy or sell items.

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