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AQA nea english literature approximate grade?

Hi all, I recently got my English lit nea mark (20/25) and am struggling to calculate the grade it may be this year? The 2019 grade boundary for a A was 42/50 (/25 doubled so I would be 40/50) but the 2023 was 44/50. I’m contemplating asking for a remark as I’m quite close but am not sure if it’s worth it at this point. Thx and any advice is much welcome x
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My teacher said that apparently AQA somehow add it to like 300 with extra points and stuff so it is hard to predict. But 20/25 is still good as you still land in Band 5. If you don't feel confident with the mark you got, it would easier to ask your teacher.

Sorry that this is 3 weeks late ( I know the deadline is near for it)

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